Dear Internet Marketer,


I know you're busy. So I'll get right to the point.
I’ve got a special offer for you. I’ll tell you the ‘reason why’ in a moment.


But first, let me introduce myself…


My name is Jeremiah Villagomez.

Most of my colleagues and clients call me “the Kid Designer”. Right now, I’m still in college, in my 4th year, taking up AB, Major in Multimedia Arts.

So why listen to me?


Here’s Who I Am… My Backstory…

In the last 3 years, I’ve been working behind the scenes, doing graphics design work, to some of the world’s elite marketers in the IM Industry.

They include: Matt Garrett, Paul Teague, Maria Gudelis, Khai Ng, Jeff Wellman, Jason Mangrum, Stuart Stirling, James Brown, Dylan Loh, etc.



My main job, as I understand it, is to create direct-response, conversion-boosting graphics that will help my clients sell more of their products and services.


Well, to tell you honestly, it is an exciting gig.


It is also fulfilling to know that some of my design output helped my clients in their product launches that produced over 5-6 figures in sales and profits.


But it’s never been always easy like this…


Especially, in the beginning, when I was just starting out…


It was hard. It was very frustrating. It was delaying my projects. Few months after ‘stumbling’ upon the world of internet marketing, I began creating my first website.


The problem is… I didn’t know about Photoshop or other basic image editing software. I was clueless. I had ZERO design skills and experience.


I didn’t know anyone who can assist or help me. I’m afraid to ask not to look fool. I’ve wasted so many hours (probably thousands), days, and many months just to design simple or decent graphics for my projects.


The feeling of frustration and helplessness began to suck away all my excitement and motivation to continue my web marketing business.


And like 95% of internet marketing journey stories … my website flopped. It bombed. My graphics sucked. It looked ugly and amateurish.


Worst of all, I didn’t make any profit during the whole process. Not even a dollar.




My designs and websites failed. I didn’t know what to do after that.

Then I looked for alternative ways.

I welcomed the idea of outsourcing graphics design. So I began my search. I tried several designers, a couple of trial and error, and another series of headaches.

Here’s why…

Bills and design fees began stacking up.

It was getting very expensive because I wasn’t bringing any profits from all of my online activities and work.

All I ever wanted, at that time, is just to have decent and good graphics to jumpstart my business and start growing it from there.


I get jealous seeing world class graphics design of my internet marketing HEROES.
Deep in my heart, I wished I also could afford it as well.


But I admit that I’ve done several things wrong with outsourcing.
I didn’t do my homework and research. I didn’t know better.


So it got pretty messy….



Here’s the scoop…


The failure and humiliation got me stronger and tough.


I began studying graphics design and started improving my skills consistently.
In college, I even enrolled a related course.


Luckily, I also got a world-class mentor, a PRO Designer, also an IM entrepreneur, residing near our house here in the Philippines.


Then I made a leap and tested the world of graphics freelancing (that was 3 years ago).

Suddenly, I had breakthrough moments. People began noticing my work.

I was getting streams of clients. And most of the time, I was fully booked.

Let me fast forward… The rest is history!